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Cerebral autoregulation publications by citation

Cerebral autoregulation dynamics in humansAaslid, R., Lindegaard, K.-F., Sorteberg, W., Nornes, H.1989, Stroke 20: 45-52564
Cerebral arterial diameters during changes in blood pressure and carbon dioxide during craniotomyGiller, C.A., Bowman, G., Dyer, H., Mootz, L., Krippner, W., Loftus, C.M., Muizelaar, J.P.1993, Neurosurgery 32: 737-742344
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Monitoring of cerebral oxygenation in patients with severe head injuries: Brain tissue PO2 versus jugular vein oxygen saturationKiening, K.L., Unterberg, A.W., Bardt, T.F., Schneider, G.-H., Lanksch, W.R.1996, Journal of Neurosurgery 85: 751-757244
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Publications by members of CARNet.

Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation: from methodology towards clinical application.

Eric thesis image

PhD Thesis of Dr E. Gommer investigating dynamic cerebral autoregulation.

External Link: Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation: from methodology towards clinical application.

Dr E. Gommer

Cerebral Autoregulation Control of Blood Flow in the Brain

Cerebral autoregulation book

A Comprehensive textbook on the topic of cerebral autoregulation which covers both the technical and clinical aspects of the domain.

External Link: Cerebral Autoregulation Control of Blood Flow in the Brain

Prof. S. J. Payne

Training materials.

Introduction to Signal Processing

Signal Processing image

An introductory lecture on signal processing given by Dr Simpson at the 2nd International CARNet meeting in Nijmegen.

Power point slides: Signal_processing_for_quantifying_autoregulation.ppt

Dr D. M. Simpson

Brain Physics in 30 short lectures (not only for engineers)

Brain Physics image

A comprehensive lecture series on the physics of the brain provided by the University of Cambridge Department of Clinical Neurosciences.

External link:

Dr. M. Czosnyka

Multimodal Pressure-Flow Analysis to Assess Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation.

Empirical mode decomposition image

An introductory lecture on empirical mode decomposition and its application to pressure flow analysis given by Dr Yang at the 3rd International CARNet meeting in Porto.

Power point slides: TS1.ppt

Dr. A. C. Yang

Online resources.

Le Physiologiste

Blog page image

A place where grad students/postdoc/researchers in cerebrovascular physiology can discuss published papers, methods, etc. in cerebrovascular physiology.

External link:

Dr P. Brassard

Web page image

This private initiative was created in response to critical medical problem seeking to encourage and stimulate discussions about cerebrovascular autoregulation, it‘s adaptability, evaluation methods and innovative techniques.

External link:

Prof A. Ragauskas

Media files for promotional purposes

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colour logo image

Greyscale Image

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Tools to aid the standardisation and calculation of cerebral autoregulation

Matlab TFA function

This function is a Matlab implementation of the TFA as specified in the White Paper (2015). An example of use on the supplied data (tfa_sample_data.txt) is given in tfa_demo.m and results are reported at the end of this report.

Documentation: Documentation_for_function_tfa_car_latest.pdf

Matlab Code:

Prof. D. M. Simpson