List of CARNet Meetings

The eleventh international meeting on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation (CARNet meeting)

Leicester, UK, 27th-29th October 2022

We are pleased to announce the 11th international CARNet meeting which will be hosted by our friends in the University of Leicester in the UK. Please note:

  • We are planning to have a predominantly in-person event.
  • The oral sessions will be streamed online for those unable to attend in person.
  • All poster presentations will take place in person.
  • Unless there are travel restrictions in place, we request that anyone who has an oral presentation will present in person. In the case of travel restrictions between the presenter’s location and the UK, we will arrange for these presentations to be virtual (either in real time, or recorded).
  • Should the pandemic situation change significantly between now and the conference (particularly if UK travel restrictions change), the meeting will then take place online. We will give as much notice of this as possible.

Important Dates

  • 18th July 2022: Abstract submission deadline
  • 1st August 2022: Extended abstract submission deadline
  • 27th - 29th October 2022: CARNet meeting

Abstract submission details

  • Use the abstract template only.
  • Rename the file with your last name (e.g., RICKARDS CARNet Abstract 2022).
  • Email your abstracts to:
  • Your abstract will only be reviewed if it conforms to the instructions on the template.

The tenth international meeting on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation (CARNet meeting)

Shenzhen, China, 22nd-24th April 2021

Due to the public health situation, CARNet 2021 will be an on-line meeting only. Abstract submission and further information can be found at the conference's official website.

Important Dates

  • 29th January 2021: Extended abstract submission deadline (normal round)
  • 15th January 2021: Notification of acceptance (normal round)
  • 1st April 2021: Late Breaking Abstracts for poster presentations.
  • 22nd - 24th April 2021: CARNet meeting

Important Upadate

Congratulations to CARNet 2021 prize winners:

  • Best Oral Presentation:
    Internal jugular vein hemodynamics are direct predictors of critical closing pressure during a progressive Valsalva maneuver, Andrew Robertson (University of Waterloo)
  • Best Poster Presentation:
    Associations between peripherally measured neurovascular signal entropy and brain predicted-age difference score (BrainPAD), Silvin Knight (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Best Oral Presentation by a Student:
    AThe key role of pericytes in cerebral autoregulation: a modelling study, Selena Milanovic (University of Oxford)
  • Best Poster Presentation by a Student:
    Changes in Neurovascular Coupling with Cerebral Perfusion Pressure Linked to Cerebral Autoregulatory Health, Deepshikha Acharya (Carnegie Mellon University)

The ninth international meeting on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation (CARNet meeting)

Leuven, Belgium, 12th-13th September 2019

We are pleased to announce the 9th international CARNet meeting which will be held in collaboration with ICP 2019. The conference official website can be visited for further details.

Important Dates

  • 20th April 2019: Abstract submission deadline - check full instructions here
  • 14th June 2019: Notification of acceptance
  • 8th - 11th September 2019: ICP Conference
  • 12th - 13th September 2019: CARNet meeting

Important Upadate

Congratulations to CARNet 2019 prize winners:

  • Best Oral Presentation:
    Parabolic flight experiments indicate that the pressure gradient between heart and brain affects cerebral blood flow, Jurgen Claassen (Radboud University)
  • Best Poster Presentation:
    Optimal CPP targeted severe TBI patients’ treatment: single center study, Aidanas Preiksaitis (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)
  • Best Oral Presentation by a Student:
    A model of cerebral autoregulation based on oxygen feedback in arterioles and pericyte constriction in capillaries, Selena Milanovic (University of Oxford)
  • Best Poster Presentation by a Student:
    Parameter Optimization of a Mathematical Model Simulating Cerebral Autoregulation Using Data of Patients with Cognitive Disorders, Swetta Jansen (University of Amsterdam)

The eighth international meeting on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation (CARNet meeting)

Oxford, UK, 18th - 19th June 2018

We are pleased to announce the 8th international CARNet meeting which will be held in Oxford on Monday 18th abd Tuesday 19th June 2018.

Important Dates (to be confirmed)

  • 19th March 2018: Abstract deadline
  • 16th April 2018: Abstract acceptance notification.
  • 18th - 19th June 2018: Conference

Abstract submission details

Submit your CARNet 2018 abstracts via the following email address:

The abstract template and an example abstract are in the important links below.

If you have any questions about this abstract submission process, please send them to the following email address:

Meeting Registration

You can now register for the meeting on the IPEM website:

Important links

Important Upadate

Congratulations to CARNet 2018 prize winners:

  • Best Presentation:
    Caroline Rickards (University of North Texas Health Science Center)
  • Best Poster:
    Erta Beqiri (University of Cambridge)
  • Best Student Presentation:
    Joel Burma (University of British Columbia)
  • Best Student Poster:
    Michelle Favre (Rutgers New Jersey Medical School)

The seventh international meeting on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation (CARNet meeting) In association with Brain 2017

Berlin, Germany, 1st April 2017

We are pleased to announce the 7th international CARNet meeting. The meeting will be held in association with Brain 2017, which will be located in Berlin, Germany, on the 1st of April.

Conference to be held in Henry Ford Bau, Garystraße 35, 14195 Berlin, Hall C

Important Dates (to be confirmed)

  • 9th November 2016: Brain 2017 abstract deadline
  • Early January 2017: CARNet abstract deadline
  • Before 26th January 2017: Abstract acceptance notification.
  • 1st April 2017: Conference

Important links

The sixth international meeting on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation (CARNet meeting) In association with 16th International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Neuromonitoring

Boston, USA, 28th June - 2nd July 2016.

We are pleased to announce the joint conference between International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Neuromonitorin and CARNet. This will be held in Boston, USA, between the 28th June and 3rd July 2016.

Important Dates (to be confirmed)

  • 1 January 2016 Registration opens
  • 1 March 2016 Abstract deadline
  • 31 March 2016 Abstract acceptance notification
  • 28th June - 3rd July 2016 Conference

Abstract Details

All abstracts should be submitted through the main ICP website, and marked as Cerebrovascular Autoregulation (if appropriate).

Important links

The fifth international meeting on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation (CARNet meeting) Co-sponsored by IPEM Physiological Measurements Special Interest Group

Southampton, UK, July 13th-15th 2015.

The meeting will cover the broad range of regulatory physiological mechanisms that maintain brain blood flow at appropriate levels in health and disease, and will include physiology, clinical applications and the engineering, physics and modelling that underpins mechanisms and measurements.

Cerebral blood flow is driven by blood pressure, arterial carbon dioxide levels, neuronal activation and cerebral metabolism, intracranial pressure, vasomotion, activity of the sympathetic nervous system, posture and other determinants. While cerebral autoregulation usually refers primarily to the physiological mechanisms that maintain blood flow during changes in blood pressure, the meeting will encompasses the wider field of cerebral haemodynamic regulation, including areas such as CO2 reactivity, neurovascular coupling and intracranial pressure control.


The conference will be held in Chilworth Manor Hotel (, a country hotel in a beautiful setting in a private park on the edge of Southampton.

Important Dates (to be confirmed)

  • First call for papers: 21 November, 2015
  • Abstract submission deadline: 23 March, 2015
  • Acceptance of papers: 1 May, 2015
  • Conference: 13-14 July, 2015
  • Working meetings: 15 July, 2015

Abstract submission details

The deadline for abstract submission (one-page) is 23 March, 2015. To submit an abstract please visit the IPEM website for further details:

Final Program

The fifth international meeting on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation (CARNet meeting) final programs can be downloaded here: 317_CARNet_programme_7-7-2015.pdf

The poster list can be downloaded here: 317_CARNet_posters_7-7-2015.pdf

Full abstract booklet

The abstracts from the meeting can be downloaded here: CARNet2015_abstracts.pdf (Size: 15Mb)

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The fourth international meeting on cerebral autoregulation. In association with Experimental Biology 2014

San Diego, USA, April 26th-30th 2014.

The fourth meeting of the Cerebral Autoregulation Research Network (CARNet) meeting will be held in San Diego, in association with Experimental Biology, between April 26th-30th 2014. The CARNet main symposia are on Wednesday 30th April (with additional important gatherings on Tuesday). Deadline for abstract submission is 8th November 2013 (both oral and posters): the abstract submission website will open in the first week of September.

Final Program

The fourth international meeting on cerebral autoregulation final program can be downloaded here: International_Research_Network_on_Cerebral_Hemodynamic_Regulation_Final_Program.pdf

CARNet TCD Course

The International Research Network on Cerebral Hemodynamic Regulation (CARNet) is conducting a 2-hour hands-on practical training course on TCD ultrasound during the Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego.

When: Tuesday April 29, 2014; 2.30-4.30pm

Where: San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina – Balboa

What: TCD ultrasound theory, hands-on training with experienced investigators, assessment of major intra- and extra-cranial vessels, discover the advantages & limitations of the technique.

How to apply: complete the application form CARNet_TCD_Course_Application_Form_(Fillable_Form).pdf and return to Caroline Rickards ( by April 4, 2014.

Space is limited, so please submit your application today!

Important dates

  • Abstract submission website will open first week of September
  • Deadline for abstract submission: November 8 2013 (oral and posters)
  • Late breaking abstract submission: Feburary 21 2014
  • Conference housing registration deadline: March 21 2014
  • TCD session registration deadline: April 4 2014

Important links

The third international conference on cerebral autoregulation. In association with Neurosonography 2013

Porto, Portugal, May 24-27 2013

We are pleased to announce the joint conference between ESNCH and CARNet. This will be held in Porto, Portugal, between 23rd - 27th May 2013. More information and registration details can be found at:

The second international conference on cerebral autoregulation

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, September 23-24 2012

Organised by CARNet, the international Cerebral Autoregulation Research Network, this 2-day conference will attract renowned researchers from around the world to discuss the latest progress on the regulation of blood flow in the brain. Invited speakers, proffered papers and ample time for discussion and networking will make this the leading event in the field.

Conference topics include:
  • Static CBF autoregulation
  • Dynamic CBF autoregulation
  • Neurovascular coupling
  • Cerebrovascular CO2 reactivity
  • Regulation of ICP
Scientific Committee:
  • Jurgen Claassen (Nijmegen, Netherlands), Chair
  • Ronney Panerai (Leicester, UK)
  • David Simpson (Southampton, UK)
  • Stephen Payne (Oxford, UK)
  • Erik Gommer (Maastricht, Netherlands)
  • Johannes van Lieshout (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Abstract submission is open at and the deadline for submission of oral presentations is 15th July and for poster presentations is 31st August. To make this submission process easier please use this abstract form: ABSTRACT_SUBMISSION_FORM_CARnet_conference_September_23_and_24_2012.doc. Please submit proposals for oral or poster presentation, these will be reviewed by the scientific committee. Presentations submitted by 15th July will be reviewed by the end of July


Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Nijmegen is easily accessible by train (direct connection, 1.5 hrs) from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, or the low-cost airports Eindhoven or Dusseldorf / Weeze (Dusseldorf-Niederrhein).


Registration for the conference is now open at

Please also circulate the details of this conference to interested colleagues, to help with this all of the above information is included in the initial conference poster: 2nd_CARNet_Conference.pdf. As well as the conference program: CARnet_Cerebral_autoregulation_Sept_2012.pdf.

Inaugural Meeting.

London, The UK, June 6th 2011.

This was the first meeting of the full group. With a overwhelming international turnout the future of the group looks very promising. The initial steering group for the project has been elected and the initial project has been proposed and agreed upon.

Minutes from this meeting, in pdf format, for anyone who couldn't attend: CARNet_6.vii.11.pdf

Funding support from EPSRC (UK) for this meeting is gratefull acknowledged.